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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Body Acceptance over Body Positivity

At the age of 22, I have heard of and seen more people with body image issues and eating disorders than I should see in a lifetime. Luckily, we have many outlets that are available to help us and get the word out. But, unfortunately, those outlets are always not the best.
It seems that we tend to live in a world of "body positivity", but I believe we should live in a world of "body acceptance".
Many people accept the term "body positivity", but others do not. When you are telling someone to be positive about something, especially their body it can lead them down a path of spiraling negative thoughts. Some people might feel that if they are incapable of feeling positive about their bodies then they are doing something wrong. If someone is feeling ashamed of their body, telling them that they shouldn't can be harmful. This can make someone feel guilty. Often times, this feeling of guilt can bring on "fear motivation". This is a term that I have recently discovered and had made myself aware of. This means that you are changing yourself out of fear to look a certain way. This is not where healthy change comes from. Rather than guilting ourselves or scaring ourselves into changing, if you really want to change you need to accept yourself. This leads me to why body acceptance is so important.
Everyone has their days where they don't like their body. No matter what you look like. That is a normal feeling. Some days you're going to completely pig out on Ben&Jerrys and some days you're going eat as healthy as possible...and guess what? That is OKAY. We need to start accepting ourselves at every moment possible, even at the bad ones. We need to understand that sometimes it is okay to not feel positive about ourselves, we just have to accept it and make sure we don't let one bad thought turn into a bad day, week, or even a lifetime.
Attached below is a 5-day challenge to get you into the mindset of acceptance. I challenge you to do it. The photo is from @thefabstory on Instagram! I highly suggest following them.


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